Skills Session for Health Care Providers and the Community

Steps to Register for the AHA Online courses at CPR Ready, LLC:

1. Register new user on the American Heart Association online portal website (below)
2. Once Logged on, pick “Course Catalog”
3. Select the proper online course from the options above (Not sure which one to pick, call us (269) 808-4836
4. Complete and Pass Part 1 from the American Heart Association at your own pace.
5. Print Certificate of completion with serial number
6. See Course Calendar for next Skills Date

The American Heart Association (AHA) recognizes that healthcare providers have knowledge and skills acquired from prior CPR training and years of patient care, but finding convenient ways to maintain those skills or gain re-certification can be challenging. The new Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider (BLS HCP) Online Renewal course is part of AHA’s new e-Learning program and represents the cognitive portion (Part 1- HeartCode BLS) of this blended learning course for Healthcare Provider Certification. Combined with a Skills Test (Part 2), the skills portion must be completed in-person at an American Heart Association training site, convenient dates and times can be found on the CPR Ready course calendar. As with any BLS class, the American Heart Association certificate is valid for 2 years.

The instructor-led skills portion can be scheduled here:

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